3 Secrets to Coping with an Extremely Difficult Mother

Reclaim your self-esteem, regain control of your life, and restore your confidence with this free 3-part video series.

Dealing with a toxic mother is so challenging.

She tries to control you.

She expects you to put her needs first.

She destroys your self-esteem – but tells you she’s dependent on you.

You just want to feel better … but have no idea how.

I hear you.

I was in therapy for eight years to deal with the trauma of growing up with a single mother who suffered from bipolar disorder.

Therapy helped, but only up to a certain point.

When I discovered coaching, I experienced emotional freedom.        I finally regained control over my life and my future.

What is Coaching?

Coaching provides concrete tools that you can use to shift your own thoughts, emotions and actions to create the results you want.

Who am I?

I mothered my own mother for much of my childhood, and struggled with anxiety as an adult. Coaching changed my life.

Can I really help you?

I offer a totally free, no-obligation 30-minute coaching session. Get a taste of the power of coaching without a commitment.