4 steps on how to deal with a Drama Queen Mom

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This time of year is welcoming lots of possibilities for miscommunications, misunderstandings and

lots of family drama.

Especially if you have a drama queen mom.


This is the time of year where she gets to “shine and thrive” and get everyone’s attention.

Many daughters complain that their mothers are acting out, being overly dramatic, exaggerating

everything and are just too much to handle.


If you find yourself after every drama with You Feeling;

Guilty, upset, drained and exhausted.

Being the one to always apologize.

Feeling angry, or invisible.


Then you have let your mother suck you into her dramatic stories. You must learn to separate

your mother’s mind from yours.


So how do we not play along and protect ourselves from

being dragged into another drama holiday scene?


First, we must understand that;

Creating drama is part of the human condition. We all have our little drama Queen inside of

us- it’s called the human brain.


When your mother is acting and lushes out, she is basically

experiencing a mind drama at loud.


If you follow me, you will know by now that emotions are caused by our thoughts.

So your mother’s drama is only a set of exaggerated thoughts in her mind that create an

extreme emotional response to a certain event or situation.

Her drama is created in her mind.

It has nothing to do with what you did or said. It has only to do with how she is choosing to think.


Her dramatic thoughts can lead to;

  • Meltdowns
  • Acting like everything is the end of the world.
  • Being upset over silly things and lash out.
  • Blaming you when things don’t go her way.
  • Attention seeking – being loud and obnoxious.
  • Being an emotional child- Throwing a temper tantrum and behaving inappropriately.
  • A tendency to run to extremes.
  • Turning every convo and problem around to make it about themselves.
  • Constant whining.
  • Creating competition and fights.


Step one;

Don’t be tempted to try and change or fix her drama. By being upset with her drama youre

already creating a new drama. You only need to take care of you. Especially when she’s being

so toxic. Let her be dramatic and learn to protect yourself. Spend the energy on you rather on

changing her. You do that by following step 2.


Step two;

Realize that your mother’s drama is only coming from her mind. A poor choice of exaggerated

thoughts. Her behavior has nothing to do with you! Observe her as a dry math problem, be a

student; curios rather on defense and taking her words personally.


Step three;

Separate your mother’s thoughts from your own!

Be aware of what your mind is believing, what messages you internally accepted from your mother.

Being aware that whatever you’re feeling is because of your thoughts and not because of your mother’s

action. You decide what you want to think and believe and how you want to feel.


Step four;

Anticipate your mother to be all dramatic. Don’t be surprised of another dramatic act, or hope for

her to change this time.


You have a Drama Quinn mom

That is your mother.

Remember that her acting like a child and being overly dramatic is only because of her dramatic

thoughts and not because your’e doing something wrong!


Check in with yourself;

Where are you being dramatic as well?

Where are you letting yourself act like her?


Much love



P.S. Often you’re “too close” to recognizing your own thoughts that

are being caught up in your mother’s drama.

As a coach, that is my specialty. I show you how to separate yourself

from your mother’s drama by gaining clarity and awareness on how

your thoughts are creating your feelings and results in life.

You want to reclaim your life? This is where you start;

Book s FREE mini session and let me coach you, so you can free

yourself from your mother’s toxic behavior and keep the drama out

of your life for good!

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    This is very helpful. Thank you

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    Can I just simply always remember that the narcissistic bitch is good for nothing, so why should I listen to her!

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