About Me

Hello, I’m Aniko Vigh


My Mother Relationship

I grew up with a single mother who went through many years of deep depression and psychotic episodes during which she lost touch with reality.

My childhood was traumatic. I felt lost, lonely and helpless. I was left to cope with my mother’s erratic behavior without any adult support. I was the only support – I was my mother’s rock and in the end, I was mothering my mother.

As an adult, I dealt with severe anxiety and panic attacks and still felt lost, lonely and helpless.

The Turning Point

I was in therapy for eight years. I understood where my low self-esteem stemmed from and why I had a hard time connecting with people. I understood why I had anxiety and panic attacks – but I still suffered from them.

When I was introduced to coaching, everything changed.

Simply put, I began to feel better.

I didn’t just understand why I felt bad – I learned tools to shift how I was thinking and feeling from moment to moment. This is how I reclaimed my emotional life.

My mother’s mood no longer controlled my mood. Her condition no longer influenced my day-to-day life; I could maintain my own well-being despite her behavior.

My whole life shifted. I had always dreamed of becoming a confident, independent woman.

Now I am her.

When my mother says I’m hurting her feelings, I don’t believe her anymore. I can say no to her when I want to, and not feel guilty or beat myself up for it. And when I do support her, it’s only because I choose so.

So In short: I’m free.

I want to help you experience the same breakthrough. Learn more about coaching with me.