Unleash your creative self

Overcome your creative blocks

If you are anything like me, you know how it feels to long deeply for a creative outlet

but to feel stuck and even ashamed of that desire.

I love guiding, helping, and coaching other creative souls to heal and unlock their


A lasting love affair with your creative self 

Stop betraying the part of you that wants so badly to create.

Learn to access an easy, fulfilling creative flow. 

Heal the self-criticism that prevents you from connecting with your

creative source.

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On this call we will:


  • Get a new perspective on what’s holding you back in your creativity
  • Gain insight into how to bring creativity back into your life
  • I’ll teach you a tool you can immediately apply in your life to create flow where there is block.

If you’re a good fit and you’re interested, I will tell you more about my program.

I just want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you. We share the same

passion, and the same fears. We are on the same path – I’m just a little bit farther

ahead of you.  I’m here to show you how to move forward.


  • Aniko is an amazing therapist.She opened a door to my inner being through art. She opened a door to my inner creativity, which was not accessible to me at all before. With her loving presence she gently and clearly guided me into my inner world. In this journey I met places of inner strength and creativity. She also supported me in gently meeting also difficult places, places holding pain and fear. By giving them place on paper, clay, color and movement. Knowing arose and healing occurred. I cherish the process I went with Aniko and it accompanies me ever since.

    P.  Roni
    P. Roni
  • After working with Aniko I feel very good! Im really grateful for this process because it changed the way I was perceiving myself and my creativity. I feel much more freedom to be who i am. It helped me to release what was holding me back from expressing my authentic self. Now I find it easier to connect with myself. I was able to find new energy and creativity to express myself completely. I see the changes not only in my creativity but also in my private life.

    A.  Rachel
    A. Rachel
  • Working with aniko and going through the expressive paint therapy process has helped me in so many ways. I feel much more grounded, safe, calm and connected. My stress and anxieties has become less and I no longer escape my feeling as I used to. I know myself better then before. I discovered parts in me I never knew I had! Aniko provided me a safe space for me to truly express myself as I am. she was guiding me all the way through, giving amazing inputs and reflections on my process. Its a true self discovery healing journey. I discovered my creativity again, I know how to reconnect with it, I know how to stay and grow in it instead of pushing it away.

    R.  Cathy
    R. Cathy
  • In all of my session with aniko I felt seen and supported by her. It felt reassuring and relaxing to know that theres a session waiting for me, I knew I had my time and my space to express my mothers issues in a creative way. I loved diving into my own creative process. Today I can accept my mothers illness better then before. Also It has gotten easier to set boundaries and protect myself when things get overwhelming and too much. Thanks to the process, I live my life with more clarity and awareness, which helps me to be more connected to my truth and express it also in my relationships.

    S.  Sabrina
    S. Sabrina