Learn how to feel better, restore your self-esteem, and live without guilt.

I help women who struggle with extremely difficult mothers to feel empowered & regain control of their lives.

What is Coaching?

Coaching uses cognitive psychology-based techniques to help you rewire your brain, take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and feel better fast. Coaching is future-focused: we focus on the results you want to create (not what’s happened in the past).

Therapy is past-focused. When I was in therapy, I understood WHY I had anxiety and difficulty trusting people. But I still had panic attacks every time I saw my mother. Therapy didn’t offer me tools to navigate my relationship with her in the present.

When I began coaching, I found the tools I’d been looking for. I saw immediate results in how I showed up in my relationship with my mother.

I no longer feel guilty around her.

I no longer allow her to manipulate or control me.

I feel free and at peace. Coaching made that possible.

Look Into Your Future

Do you see more of the same?

Repeating the same pattern with your mother, year in and year out? (Until she dies – that little voice in your head believes that’s the only way you’ll be free.)

If you want to create a different future,

you need to take a different action. 


Your first step?

My totally free, no-obligation mini session.


You might be thinking… 


“It Won’t Work for Me”

“You don’t know my mother.”

“It’s great for you, but nothing will work for me.”

“I’ve tried other things and they haven’t worked.”


The tools I teach can help you in your relationship with your toxic mother.

I guarantee it.

If you’re willing to do the work, you will see changes.

If you could feel just a little bit better in your everyday life – wouldn’t it be worth it?

Try Coaching Risk-Free


I understand that trusting someone new can feel scary.

That’s why I offer a totally free, no-obligation, 30-minute coaching session.

You can ask me any questions you have about coaching (or about me).

If you’re open to it, I’ll share more details about my coaching program and we can discuss whether you’re a good fit.  I coach in English, Hebrew and (Swiss-) German.


If there’s never an ideal time to start something new … maybe the perfect time is now?    

Ready to feel better now?

Take the first step and sign up for a free 30-minute coaching session. I’ll teach you a tool to help you feel better right away.

  • Before working with Aniko, the situation with my mother used to hang over me and stress me even outside the interactions with her, I now feel more relieved in general. My relationship with my mom has improved so much. The coaching changed the whole direction of the relationship to a different, better and healthier direction for both of us. It feels like it helped not only me, but through that also my mother!

    Anna  M.
    Anna M.
  • I was a little nervous about being vulnerable with a stranger, but Aniko was so embracing and supportive that I felt comfortable straight away. I’ve felt so safe on our calls and so cared for. I feel more in control of my own life and having a lot more joy, less overthinking and worrying. My anxiety has gone down significantly. I am so excited about life again and going after my dreams.I am so grateful to you Aniko!

    Helle  S.
    Helle S.
  • In the sessions with Aniko I was able to observe myself in an entirely new way. She was able to see what I wasn’t able to observe yet and bring this into my awareness. Aniko has a gentle and yet at the same time, firm approach, which allows for growth, expansion and observing oneself differently. She was genuinely interested in helping me and her dedication and passion to this work shines through. I am a changed person because of her and this is only the beginning of my journey and transformation. Thank you so much Aniko for your time, sincerity and heart.

    Janine  F.
    Janine F.
  • You can tell Aniko has a rich experience in this specific field; this has helped me to trust her more and to open myself to the process even more. Through the coaching I was able to let a lot of thing go and see my relationship with my mother in a lighter, new way. Aniko helped me to center myself and find my support within myself. I understood what was lying underneath my chaotic functioning. Today I’m able to handle challenging situations and observe them from a clearer healthier place and most of the times stay even clam and relaxed.

    Rahel  S
    Rahel S
  • I began to work with Aniko because I wanted to become emotionally independent from my mother's life and be able to concentrate on my own life. After the powerful process, Aniko took me through I understood that I am not a victim of anything and that I can change. I feel that I have much more control over my relationships and my life. I have gotten better at taking care of myself. Aniko showed me the way when I was lost in my negativity. She was calm and guiding me closely all through the way. I felt supported, seen and acknowledged. She helped me solve the “mess" I was in, and it felt as if she brought me back to “sanity.” I feel like I have more control over myself and my negative emotions. I have learned to change the way I perceived myself and shift my thoughts to more self-caring and positive ones.

    Akiko  R.
    Akiko R.