I just want to be happy, can I?

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Today it’s my 50th Blog-post!

Its 50 topics I have chosen to write about and share with you!!

So i choosen today to talk about happiness.

And I’ll tell you why.


When I ask my clients what do they want or how do they want to feel, many of them

would answer; I just want to be happy. That is all good; there’s just one problem.

They don’t know how to feel better. They don’t know what happiness means to them.

So how can they ever reach it? Feel it? And become it?


What is happiness to you?

Happiness Is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from

contentment to intense joy. When we are in a happy state we might be feeling content,

pleasure, a sense of satisfaction, delight, belonging, closeness, joyfulness, etc..


So what is happiness for you? Have you ever defined it?

If not, it’s a great day to start!

It’s essential that you do because this will be your way to achieving it.

If you know that happiness is for you; being relaxed, working in a meaningful job,

and feeling satisfied with yourself then you know on what you need to work so you can

generate these positive emotions and achieve the ultimate state of happiness.


Why aren’t we happy?

We think our emotions are created by external events and that it’s in the hands of

our loved ones. We wait till something happens that is out of our control to make us

happy. We have become dependent on our partners, friends, work to make us feel

better and ultimately happy.


What no one is teaching, is that we are in charge of our emotions.

We are creating them.

We never learned how to deliberately feel happy.

If you grew up with a difficult parent, you might have learned how to fear, reject, be

on guard, and feel anxious more then feeling joy and fun.


Happiness is a choice.

A choice we make in our brains.

I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but this is how it works.


If your mind is full of negative beliefs and you’re not aware of the power of your

thinking, then these beliefs will stand in your own way. It’s very hard to generate

happiness when all you think is what is not working and what is missing in your life.


I believe we aren’t happy because we are not conscious of how our minds are working.

We are not aware that our thinking is creating our feelings. And so we wait till

someone can deliver it to us.

How can we be happy?

The secret to living a content, pleasurable, joyful life is in our mental health.

In understanding that we have the ability to create any emotion we want by the way

we are choosing to think. With consistent practice of mindful thinking, we can then

form the life we want and achieve what we want.


Just look around you.

The ones who are really satisfied with their lives are people who have positive and

uplifting thinking patterns and habits that generate happiness for them.


Happiness is not the result of bouncing from one joy to the next, achieving

happiness involves also going through discomfort.


Part of being happy is accepting and integrating negative emotions as part of our

journey. Resisting negative emotions will only delay our happiness.

So allow yourself to be sad, angry, mean, jealous, frustrated and disappointed.

When you do that you also release these emotions out of your system. And then you

create more space for more positive emotions.


Another way to create happiness is to practice gratitude.

Gratitude will help your mind to think about what you do have rather on what you

don’t have. It’s a very powerful practice that works amazing as long as you work on it.

Make a new habit for yourself. Each morning set time aside to practice being thankful

for all the things you have in your life. Connect with it, really feel it in your body and say

it like you mean it. If you do it for a week, you will notice a huge difference in your mood

and energy.


If you’re anything like me and happiness wasn’t much around while growing up, I want

you to know that It’s never too late to learn how to feel happy.

Part of my work as a coach and as an expressive paint therapist is to help you feel better.

Is to teach you how you can feel better without depending on your mother’s state (or anyone else for that matter).

If you don’t know what you need so you can feel better then book a free mini session

with me and i’ll help you.


Much love



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